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SMU Professor and PhD Advisor Lin Guolong gives lectures in SAIIS

date:2015-01-14  count:475

Mr. Lin Guolong, an SMU Professor and PhD Advisor, gave a series of lectures to the 2014 EMBA students on Logistics Management from January 9 to 10.


According to Professor Lin, uncoordinated supply and demand is the common problem in supply chain management. To solve this problem, he came up with four major approaches that enhance an entity’s soft power to make capacities flexible. All the students were actively engaged in with good interactions.


Professor Lin is a PhD supervisor and Director of Logistics Research center in SMU, a Senior Maritime Arbitrator, a Visiting Prof. of the MBA program of Maastricht University (Netherlands), a Visiting Prof. of DBA and MBA program of Kennedy Western University, and a Visiting Prof. of the MBA program of University of Hawaii in the USA. He is also a committee member and panel expert of the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP) Certification for professional logisticians.