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Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping

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Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping (SAIIS) is an international and independent institute at Shanghai Maritime University (SMU). It is created by SMU at the request of China’s Ministry of Transport and the Shanghai Municipal Government to support Shanghai as an international shipping center. As the only EMBA center for shipping business in China, SAIIS was founded on December 6, 2013.


The mission for SAIIS is to become an open-minded institute that owns a global vision with capabilities to serve the high-end shipping market. Based on advanced training strategies and rich academic resources from worldwide, SAIIS can further take SMU’s maritime advantage to help forge students’ competing edge and knowledge of international practices. Cultivating top-level talents, SAIIS aims to upgrade Shanghai or even China’s shipping/logistics service abilities to meet with the common practices on international markets.



SAIIS now offers a multi-level training package including the EMBA courses and the senior executive training courses. Its Shipping Finance EMBA, Cruise EMBA, and FTA Logistics EMBA are all innovative programs in China and receive great attentions from the country’s mainstream society. At the same time, its advanced seminars for shipping finance and cruise have both been highly regarded in the industry.



SAIIS’ teaching staff is a combination of introduced-in specialists and home-grown lecturers. The 2014 starry faculty includes international scholars Martin Christopher and Wayne K. Talley, as well as some prestigious domestic experts including Yu Mingyang, Pan Guoling, Larry Hsien Ping Lang, Yu Jingzhong, and Sun Lijian. SAIIS also signs lecture and co-operation agreements with a number of world-renowned institutions such as the University of Cambridge, London City University Cass Business School, Cranfield University and Old Dominion University.



With both political and academic support, SAIIS will try to seize the opportunity brought by Shanghai’s reform and opening-up together with the development of FTA. It will keep exploring training patterns fit for high-end shipping professionals, and strive to forge itself into a standard international think-tank.