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The Construction Plans and Operational Mechanism of Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping

date:2013-04-20  count:817

    In accordance with the construction objectives of developing high-end shipping talent training base as well as the think tank of Shanghai as an international shipping center and the exchange center for international think tank, Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping sets its educational foundation with degree education in Shipping MBA and Shipping EMBA as well as short-term high-end personnel training courses, broadening its teaching and researching fields for the purpose of promoting international cooperation as well as cooperation between peers. The institute will foster itself with the post-graduate programs of Shanghai Maritime University and Shanghai International Shipping Institute to gradually accomplish the construction of the base and the center of think tank for high-end shipping education.
    1 The objectives of different developing phases

    I. 2011-2012
      (1) To prepare the construction of Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping by taking advantage of the existing resources of the university, to plan education land and construction fund and to start the pre-project of the construction of the institute as well as of the related hardware facilities.
      (2) To make use of the resources of Yuntai Middle School in order to put the first education programs into use in 2012. The short-term high-end training programs on ship finance will also get started.
      (3) To conduct investigations on the specific positions needed by the high-end domestic and overseas shipping talents and to build direct connection with related international shipping organizations and with world-known enterprises by the approach of "going out and bringing in".
    II. 2013-2014
      (1) To realize the construction plan of Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping, to establish and improve the operational mechanism of the institute.
      (2) To introduce world class professors and management personnel to accomplish the course construction and to design the training scheme for relevant education programs.
      (3) The first phase of Ship Finance EMBA Course will be opened with 30 students.
      (4) To launch training courses, short-term trainings and education research programs on international shipping and logistics management, maritime law and management, Cruise Economy and Management.
    III. 2015
      To basically complete the construction of Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping and put all functions into daily use.
      Great priority will be put on high-end professional training platform featuring international certification training and degree education on the basis of the sound operation of various education programs. In the meantime, the comprehensive support services and environment will be further improved in accordance with the need in the construction of Shanghai as an international shipping center to promote the quality and the influence of various training programs of Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping, which helps the institute become a world class education base for training of high-end talents in modern shipping and logistics which also has special influence in the Asia-Pacific Region.

    2. The implementation plan and operational mechanism of the projects

    2.1 Organizational structure
      Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping is a education entity with independent accounting system. The institute employs the president responsibility system under the leadership of the Council.
      Pic 1: The organizational structure of Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping
    2.2 Educational system
      Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping attached great importance to the post-graduate degree education cooperated with world famous universities and the short-term training symbolized by international certification and professional study.
      The post-graduate degree education focuses on research directions such as Shipping and Logistics Management, Ship Finance, Maritime Law and Management and Cruise Economics and Management, tightening the tie with world renowned universities like Cambridge University, the Cass Business School of City University, London, Cardiff University and University of Southampton to launch Sino-foreign cooperative graduate programs of various types on different levels.
      The international certification training relies on world recognized industry qualification certification bodies including IPCA, ICS, ILT and CILT. The institute also introduces both domestic and international high quality education resources to provide various types of shipping and logistics related industry certification training programs.
      Under the guideline of "Opening to high-end talents and being closely connected with the hot spots of international shipping and logistics development", the professional training program will open various types of high-end professional talent training courses on Shipping Transactions, Shipping Brokers, Ship Finance, Marine Insurance, Maritime Arbitration, Maritime Law, Ship Management, and Logistics Operations by cooperating with world famous universities, institutions and industry organizations such as World Maritime University, Drewry, Lloyd's List, Fairplay and BIMCO for the purpose of providing students with first-class short-term professional training.
    2.3 Education, research and the formation of think tank
      Developing together with Shanghai International Shipping Institute, Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping will conduct complementary researches on front problems like the talent cultivation of modern shipping and logistics in order that top think tank for talent cultivation of Shanghai as an international shipping center can be formed, which can help provide education experience, policy advice and international experience as well as broaden the research field of vison and improve the forefront sensitivity of the talents cultivated.
      In addition, the exchange center for international think tank can be gradually formed through the close communication between International Exchange Department of the institute and world think tank universities and related academic organizations.
    2.4 Teachers
      In principal, the global recruitment should be based upon the academic projects. The institute will take the responsibility of the audition of the hired professors' academic scholarship and teaching ability so that the quality of the professors could be ensured.
      The positions offered include:
      (1) Professors for short-term courses who are major responsible for one or two certain courses. If the course is well received, the charged professor could be chosen to be a long-term professor. To ensure the teaching quality, short-term course professors are subject to an elimination rate of about 20% to 30%.
      (2) Professors for long-term courses who are mainly responsible for the teaching of a specific course in the long run as well as the guidance of graduate thesis. The duration of employment is 3 to 5 years.
      (3) Full time professors. They should be responsible for the items mentioned in the category of "professors for long-term courses", and in addition of that, full professors should also take part in the operation of specific projects.
    2.5 Education implementation plan
      1. Degree education implementation
      The first phase of the Ship Finance EMBA Course will be launched in 2013 with about 30 students. The Master and Ph.D programs in Ship Finance, International Shipping Management, Shipping Logistics, Shipping Law and Management as well as Cruise Economy and Management will be offered from 2015. The enrollment scale of the Master's Degree Education will be maintained in around 100 and that of the Ph.D Education per year will be determined.
      2. The professional training courses and certification training
      In 2012, the institution was planned to recruit around 50 company executives and management faculty to attend short-term training class which is taught by international experts in different ways such as teaching, discussion and investigations.
      From 2013, the shipping related short-term courses including certification training will be comprehensively opened. The enrollment scale of 2013 will be 50 and be maintained around 100 thereafter.
      3. Short-term trainings and education discussions
      In 2012, the institution will hold one short-term training course for domestic senior management, including government management and industry senior management, on the update of their shipping knowledge.
      In the meantime, the institute will launch short-term international shipping professional seminar and international shipping educational seminar to recognize the international position of the industry and hence guide shipping education of our country.