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The Broad Resources for International Cooperation of Shanghai Maritime University Provide a Guarantee for the Resource Collecting of Shanghai Advanced Institution of International Shipping

date:2013-04-20  count:606

    The broad international exchanges and cooperation make possible the international education of the institution. The university has close connection with various international industry organizations like IMO, BIMCO and WSC and with a lot of international universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, Cranfield University, University of Cambridge, Cardiff University, University of Southampton, World Maritime University, Erasmus University, University of Antwerp, The University of Western Australia, and so forth. The university also does a terrific job in introducing high quality international education resources and cultivating modern shipping and logistics talents. Currently, the Master's programs of International Transport and Logistics cooperated with World Maritime University and of Logistics Engineering and Management worked with the time-honored University of Western Australia have achieved good social reputation.
    In summary, the unique advantage of Shanghai Maritime University in talent training lays a solid practical foundation for the goal of developing a modern shipping and logistics institution of Shanghai by combining itself with related institutions and gathering high-quality global educational resources in shipping and logistics for the purpose of cultivating elites in shipping and logistics. Shanghai Municipal Government has made clear in "The Working Arrangements of Promoting the Construction of Shanghai as an International Shipping Center" that the shipping talent cultivation of Shanghai Maritime University will be strongly supported.