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The Documents of Talent Training System of Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping

date:2013-04-20  count:721

  Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping (primarily offers) focuses on offering the degree education programs (in cooperation) cooperated with world-known universities and colleges and the short-term training which emphasizes (on) the international(ly) reconginized) certification and academic courses:
  The post-graduate programs mainly lay (put) emphasis on the research directions of Shipping and Logistics Management, Ship Finance, Shipping Law and Management, Cruise Economy and Management, and at the same time consolidate the cooperations with world famous specialized universities and colleges like the University of Cambridge, the City University of London, the Cass Business School at Cardiff University and the University of Southampton, UK for the purpose of conducting various types of Sino-foreign cooperations on post-graduate programs of different levels.
  On the basis of world recognized industry certification institutions such as IPCA, ICS, ILT and CILT, the international certification training program will continue to introduce high quality education resources both domestic and international for the purpose of providing the students with various industry qualification certification trainings on shipping and logistics, covering international freight forwarding professional certification, international logistics professional managers accreditation, CLO, the shipping brokers vocational qualification certificate, and so forth.
  Under the guideline of "Opening to high-end talents and being closely connected with the hot spots of international shipping and logistics development", the professional training program will open various types of high-end professional talent training courses on Shipping Transactions, Shipping Brokers, Ship Finance, Marine Insurance, Maritime Arbitration, Maritime Law, Ship Management, and Logistics Operations by cooperating with world famous universities, institutions and industry organizations such as World Maritime University, Drewry, Lloyd's List, Fairplay and BIMCO for the purpose of providing students with first-class short-term professional training.