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The Golden (Bright) Prospect of Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping Created (Driven) by the (Rapidly) Ever-increasing Demand of Talents in Modern Shipping and Logistics

date:2013-04-20  count:707

  As -was- predicted, the quantity of talent-s- in shipping and logistics of Shanghai would (will) reach 360, 000 in 2020.  (Particularly) -among which the demand for (the advanced) high-end shipping and logistics talents in Shipping Management, Ship Finance, Maritime Law, Shipping (Consulting) Advice and Maritime Education would account for more than 30,000. Such an enormous talent demand will definitely harbor a golden prospect for the cultivation of (senior) high-end talents.
  As partly estimated (some research suggests), from 2008 to May 2009, Lloyd's List, a world-famous shipping training institution had held over 90 high-end (advanced) talent training programs and seminars of various types. Other institutions like Fairplay had launched 23 shipping training (programs) activities, Tradewind, Drewry and Clarkson had held such activities for more than 10 times each year. In Shanghai, the number of students in shipping and logistics related majors enrolled by Shanghai Maritime University and other universities and colleges has reached over 2000 and more than 1000 students attended various types of high-end talent training programs held by Shanghai Maritime University, China Institute of Navigation, Shanghai International Shipping Institute, Shanghai International Freight Forwarders Association and China Ports & Harbours Association.
  To further understand the social demand of high-end (senior) talents, we have conducted an investigation concerning (regarding) the dozens of companies in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone crowded with modern shipping and logistics enterprises. The result showed that the vast majority of top-level and mid-level management staff working in those enterprises have bachelor's degree or above, moreover, their wish for further study is exceptionally strong: more than one half of the interviewees (interviewed) tends to pursue further studies in a year and they in particular prefer on-the-job postgraduate programs and various courses on international certification and professional training.
  In the meantime (Concurrently), the investigations and researches against all levels of governments and various departments (agencies) of Shanghai indicate that in the governmental decision-making level. (currently,) there is -currently- only one member who serves in Shanghai Municipal Board of Education has shipping education background and practical experiences, which means that only the enthusiasm of the leadership is far from enough for the construction of Shanghai international shipping center. The demands for shipping knowledge and knowledge updating call for the completion of Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping as soon as possible.
  In (summary) a word, the ever-increasing demand for talents in shipping and logistics has provided a bright future for the development of Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping.